Pintxo (Tapas) Tour

Pintxo (Tapas) showcooking
19 May, 2016

Pintxo (Tapas) Tour

  • Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Includes: 6 great pintxos paired with local wines (or water or soft drinks or cider), local bilingual guide
  • Max: 10 people, larger and smaller groups can also be accommodated

We love to eat and we hope that you do too!

One of Pamplona’s longstanding traditions is the ‘chiquiteo’ or hopping from bar to bar with small drinks of wine accompanied by bite-sized finger food called pintxos. Wine used to be strong, and pintxos were modest, and placed on a cocktail stick.

Nowadays, local bars have developed pintxos into delicious miniature creations that are accompanied by matching good quality local wines.

Our tour will introduce you to the finest pintxos, traditional and modern, paired with the best local wines; we will taste up to five different pintxos and five drinks. For many, this is an adequate lunch or dinner.

Join us and experience what is all about while we discover Pamplona’s old quarter.

If you have any special requirements, any food allergies or you need some more information please contact us.