Wine Tasting Course

  • Price: depends on number of people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Includes: Wine tasting course, tasting of 6 wines and local artisan food
  • Start time, End time: By appointment
  • Max: 24 people, larger or smaller groups can also be accommodated


  • How to taste wine?
  • Senses used in Wine Tasting – Sight, Smell and Taste – and how to use them.
  • White, Rosé and Red wines. Grape varieties, wine making and pairing

In the Navarra region the following Denominations of Origin can be found: DO Navarra, DO Ca Rioja and DO Cava.
During the course we will taste 5 wines of Navarra and/or Rioja Denominations of Origin. A young and a sweet white wines, a rosé wine and a young and aged red wines. These would be of different grape varieties and various winemaking methods.

Once the wines have been tasted you’ll be offered some local artisan food to pair with the wines. Very tasty indeed!

If you have any special requirements, any food allergies or you need some more information please contact us.